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We are all connected by our treasured freshwater resources. Let's Keep Our Waters BLUE!

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About the Bio Station

For over 120 years, the Flathead Lake Biological Station (FLBS) has stood as a world-leading ecological research and education facility on the shores of Flathead Lake. In that time we've also served as "Sentinel" of the Flathead watershed, monitoring for water quality and keeping watch for signs of unwanted invasive species. The FLBS Business Drive highlights the mutually beneficial relationship between the freshwater resources of NW Montana and the business communities that rely on them. Visit our website at flbs.umt.edu.

Your Business Can Make a Difference

Your gifts during the FLBS Business Drive will directly support our monitoring program, allowing us to utilize technologically-advanced sensor networks, expand our ability to collect and analyze water samples, and increase our chances of detecting unwanted invasive species as early as possible. Your generous support is essential to ensure that the future of the Flathead watershed is as spectacular as the one we enjoy today. Working together, we can keep our treasured waters BLUE for generations to come.

The High Price of Aquatic Invasive Species

It's currently estimated that an invasive mussel infestation would cost Montana over $230 million a year in revenue loss and mitigation costs. The direct impact of invasive mussels to recreation is estimated to be over $120 million per year, while the loss to lake shore property values is estimated to be nearly $500 million. Aquatic invasive mussels are only one of the threats FLBS is monitoring that face our freshwater-based economy. Healthy waters benefit us all. Your business can make a difference.